Networked Intelligence

Global horizon scanning and scientific data for your ingredient supply chain.

The Data that Matters for the Ingredients You Use

Brand risks are everywhere and not everyone is looking out for you. We are!

Get global alerts for the ingredients you care about, curated from the world’s most accurate data sources. With sourcing and monitoring that overlooks nothing, we’ve got your back, and your backups.

Explore the Networked Ingredients Marketplace

Coffee Talk: How Has Big Data Changed Food Safety and Quality?

How has big data affected food safety and quality? To answer this question, we asked TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki to share his insights.

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Risk Assessment: Is Your Supply Chain Compliant?

Consider how transformative it would be if food, beverage, and supplement manufacturers had access to the compliance status of all of their suppliers.

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Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain

While any companies are still reeling from pandemic-related issues, we must turn our attention to mitigate existing and emergency risks throughout the global s…

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Never Miss a Detail

We compile the world’s data so you don’t have to. We make it current, immediately useful, and relevant by automatically mapping data and alerts to your supply chain. Your new superpower is reacting to things before they happen.

Global Visibility with Real-World Relevance

Global Horizon Scanning

Current ingredient data from the industry’s widest set of data sources, mapped to the ingredients you use.

Citations and Claims

Explore evolving usages and stay in sync with emerging ingredient research.

Monitoring and Collaboration

Automate ingredient and supplier watchlists, and share data with collaborative Workspaces.

Seamless Enterprise Integration

Tie alerts into product formulations and instantly identify risks to your product line.


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A Look Inside TraceGains Network

A look at the capabilities of TraceGains Neworks and how it helps both customers and suppliers.

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Ingredient Agility Fuels Brand Agility

Address ongoing supply chain issues requires brand agility that begins with ingredient agility. Learn how you can create a more resilient support system.

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Traceability and Transparency

The next wave of supply chain challenges for the CPG industry is driven by impending regulatory requirements for traceability. Join food industry consultant, B…

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