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2023 Supplement Market Analysis 

The supplement market has rapidly changed in the last few seasons due to significant events, including the recent pandemic and skyrocketed inflation. Understanding consumer perceptions and shifts in shopping behaviors related to dietary supplements will be pivotal for food and beverage professionals seeking to adapt their strategies.  

Evolving supplement market

To grasp the full scope of this evolving supplement market, we thoroughly examine the impacts across various supplement categories, health conditions, and distribution channels in this on-demand webinar. These insights clarify how these factors may influence your product offerings and what opportunities may arise.  

This webinar focuses on identifying key trends driving the supplement market, including the rising interest in sports nutrition, brain health, and gut health. By exploring the motivations behind these trends, nutrition ingredient and dietary supplment professionals can align their product development with changing consumer preferences.  

Understanding consumer demands

Understanding the diverse values and preferences of different consumer demographics is vital for your success in the industry. Our speaker shares valuable data to help you tailor your products to meet the unique needs of your target audiences. As the supplement market evolves, so do the ways in which these products are delivered to consumers.  

On-demand webinar to uncover supplement trends

This session is led by Bill Giebler, Nutrition Business Journal’s Director of Content and Insights, and Sara Jane Bellocchi, TraceGains’ Networked Ingredients Functional Consultant. You’ll gain impartial insights to navigate the supplement market in 2023 confidently. Your knowledge and experience as a food and beverage professional are crucial in shaping the industry’s future. Watch on demand today to better understand the trends shaping the supplement landscape in 2023. 

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Thorough insights into various supplement categories, health conditions, and distribution channels, revealing potential opportunities for your food and beverage offerings.
  • Key trends driving the supplement market, including rising interests in sports nutrition, brain health, and gut health, empowering you to align your product development with consumer preferences.
  • How significant events like the pandemic and inflation have rapidly changed the supplement market, impacting consumer perceptions and shopping behaviors.

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