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New Product Development around Nutrition Claims

New product development is an art. As the artist, you know how challenging each step can be with numerous T’s to cross, especially validating claims during the development process. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the guesswork taken out of whether you’re up to regulation? Getting to focus on what you do best, creating new products that are safe, exciting, and most of all….delicious!  

Understanding the regulations

How do digital formulation and supported cross-team collaboration sound? With Networked Formula Management, take your team out of their silo, speed up your process, and reduce risk. Imagine having digital formulas tied to your ingredient supply chain and connected to global intelligence data. Learn how you can achieve agility and speed of iteration that traditional PLM systems were never designed for.  

Networked NPD on-demand

Watch the on-demand webinar to dig into nutrition claims and regulations, followed by a Networked Formula Management experience, giving you an inside look at just how easy it is for your team to navigate networked product development.

Watch & learn:

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • Various marketing claims and ensuring proper procedure to comply with all regulations 
  • How you can digitally model formula variations with real ingredients and supplier data 
  • Accelerated ingredient research with instant access to specification data 
  • How to centralize and organize past and present recipes and formulas and review changes via Audit Trails 


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