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Rebuilding Labels for Compliance

Labeling compliance remains an intricate process that involves dealing with multiple stakeholders across the supply chain and navigating regulatory changes, scaling or downsizing, economic fluctuations, expanding into new markets, processing changes, and rebranding.

With so many considerations, it’s easy for the labeling process to spark confusion. Yet inaccurate food labels can cost your business millions – not to mention the headache of recalling products because of a labeling or manufacturing defect, which can jeopardize your brand.

Due Diligence at Every Step

To guarantee compliance, suppliers must provide a complete list of all ingredients, allergens, and mandatory nutrients. This includes any sulfiting agents. But when manufacturers silo labeling processes, it hinders supply chain visibility and can lead to redundancies and inefficiencies. In turn, this can drive up costs due to poor processes and errors that necessitate relabeling.

Watch this on-demand webinar with ESHA Research Genesis Labeling & Regulations Specialist Megan Murphy to hear the latest labeling regulations and best practices. Learn how to create a collaborative labeling process across your organization and supply chain that ensures compliance and consistent labels to drive ongoing success.

Watch & learn:

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Compliance date review and preparing for upcoming and future enforcement.
  • Requirements for documenting label claims.
  • Ways to increase supply transparency for accurate labels.
  • How to avoid common labeling compliance issues.

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