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Simplifying New Product Development

From formulation to label creation, streamline NPD.

Are you under pressure to develop innovative new products? Does it seem like you’re constantly reformulating and updating food labels to meet changing regulatory standards or consumer preferences? TraceGains and ESHA Research know the struggle is real and we’ve teamed up to simplify NPD and reformulation with an integrated solution.


Integrate data to streamline your processes

Why does integration matter? Integration allows you to leverage software “connectors” that can push or pull data from one system to another. It’s your data, you should be able to access it where and when you need it to perform different tasks in different software systems.

Many food and beverage companies already use Genesis R&D to create and update nutritional labels. Similarly, more and more food scientists are deciding to use TraceGains to source ingredients, develop specifications, and manage formulas. When Genesis R&D and TraceGains work together, it helps eliminate additional data entry, keeps both systems up to date, ensures accuracy/compliance, and speeds new product development.

Digital documentation for the win

Watch our on-demand webinar with ESHA Sales Director Chris Eakin to discover how you can turn formulas, specifications, compliance documentation, and other product information into digital records that are easy to create, change and manage.

Watch & learn

In this on-demand webinar about new product development, you’ll discover:

  • Source new ingredients.
  • Find and qualify suppliers. 
  • Easily collect required supply chain documents.
  • Build or update formulas.
  • Check for regulatory compliance.
  • Push new formulas into Genesis R&D labeling software and return a compliant label back into TraceGains.

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