New Product Development Tips for Gluten-free, Millennials, and More 

Sebastian Nava explores NPD strategies, with a focus on capturing millennials through unique flavors and forms.

Host Gary Nowacki engages in a dynamic discussion with Sebastian Nava, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, exploring targeted approaches to millennials in new product development. “A millennial spin means you want to bring in some unique flavor profile or form factor to an existing platform.” – Sebastian Nava.

Sebastian Nava, a certified research chef with a wealth of experience in natural foods, plant-based, gluten-free, and clean labels, shares his expertise in creating innovative products for diverse dietary preferences. With extensive leadership and management history, Nava shares strategies for capturing the attention and loyalty of millennial consumers.

This episode is a compelling exploration of new product development tips, focusing on the nuances of targeting millennials and staying at the forefront of innovation in the dynamic food industry.

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