Formula Management

Formulate faster and innovate more in the food and beverage industry.
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Legacy systems slowing your product development?

Traditional PLM and/or ERP systems weren’t
designed for the speed of NPD today. But Networked Formula Management connects recipes to your specs, ingredients, and claims data, so you can experiment and create new products faster.

A retro computer with files and files and error messages on screen, illustrating the need for an upgrade

Today, R&D is complicated

That’s true whether you’re focused on product innovation, dealing with supply chain disruptions, or a bit of both.

With all the technology we have available, no one wants to see critical formulations stuck on some desktop. But it still happens.

Stop letting siloed information slow you down.

  • Your supply chain data currently lives with your suppliers 80% 80%

Formulation for tomorrow

With instant access to supplier and specification information, you can achieve ideal product criteria faster with rapid digital prototyping.

There’s a reason we call it Networked Formula Management, and we’re the only solution on the market that digitizes formulas to this degree.

Rapidly iterate with next-level version control that allows you to deliver innovations quickly and efficiency.

Digital formula management that keeps pace with consumer demand

Centralize & digitize recipes

Bring your formulas into the 21st century with secure technology that allows you to store recipes, product concepts, and more for cross-team collaboration.

Research & reformulate

Digitally model formula variations in minutes with access to real-time ingredient and supply data. Did we mention you get unlimited variants?


Simplify reporting

Create cost estimates, allergen reports, nutrition profiles, and more. Advanced calculations automate processes in R&D and beyond.

Audit & innovate

Learn from the past and streamline the present. Once you’ve finished with one recipe, looking back is easy with a digital audit trail and roll-back capabilities.

“TraceGains has helped us collaborate in the lab because I can go in and look at the formulas and see their trials, see where they’ve been. Then say, let’s try this or you haven’t tried this yet. Let’s do this.”


-Jere Banner, Chief R&D Officer, OWS Foods

NPD TraceGains product suite represented as a pyramid

Time-to-market speed can make or break F&B brands

Don’t let technology hold your team back. Tap into a solution that supports all aspects of product development from design to approval to production. At TraceGains, we bring people and information together so R&D can focus on creativity and you can outperform the competition.

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