Accelerate compliance and obliterate complexity.

We Understand Your Challenges

Manufacturing or packaging for different customers makes things more challenging than they need to be.

When you layer on variable sourcing arrangements, you have the making of a daunting and expensive business model that can quickly become operationally expensive and time-consuming.

The Promise of Digitalization

Your business is all about bringing people together, but compliance requirements can slow things down. Keeping your customers and suppliers in sync with documentation and ingredient data can be a daunting task, standing in the way of the speed and scale you need to grow your business.

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Growth Built on Trust

working with comans

Co-Manufacturers Ride Private Label Sales Wave

CPG brands have flirted with co-manufacturers for years but have now fully embraced them as supply chain partners.

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Open laptop with man jumping agility through data cloud with text onscreen,

Creating Operational Agility Through Co-Man Partnerships

Co-man relationships are complex. TraceGains has created the CPG industry’s only solution that specifically addresses the coman partnership complexities. Gain…

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Ingredient Agility Fuels Brand Agility

Address ongoing supply chain issues requires brand agility that begins with ingredient agility. Learn how you can create a more resilient support system.

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How We Help You

TraceGains offers the industry’s only solution purpose-built to help contract manufacturers and packers work more efficiently with their brands. TraceGains’ industry-tested compliance suite digitizes and standardizes your ingredient supply chain, letting you exchange documents with customers on a single platform. Meanwhile, digital finished goods specifications accelerate collaboration and reduce error. 

Networked Finished Goods is the industry’s first purpose-built solution helping co-mans and co-packers delight their brands.

TraceGains Compliance Suite of solutions simplifies your interactions with partners and the brands you support. Exchanging information, managing requests, and collaborating is simplified, monitored, and digitized. Accelerated spec and formula decisions while preventing those common yet avoidable errors.

Achieve speed and accuracy while exchanging and tracking transactional information, no matter who owns the supply chain for a given product.

Automate inbound lot-level compliance right on the plant floor. Move beyond paper with digital quality management forms, checklists, and reporting tools.

TraceGains gives us a competitive edge. We’re able to source suppliers and ingredients, and develop these products quicker than other companies.

Steve Nering, VP FSQA | Wellington Foods

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