Accelerate supplier diversity with TraceGains Networked Ingredients Marketplace.

We understand your challenges

Finding new suppliers quickly is challenging in today’s disrupted and changing supply chain. Search results and contact information alone are not enough. You must evaluate risks, make informed decisions, diversify and select long term partners that fit your business. The stakes are higher than ever.

Including the need to source with confidence

Ingredient Agility Fuels Brand Agility

Ingredient Agility Fuels Brand Agility

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Coffee Talk: Emma Karp Explains How Our Marketplace is Different

Coffee Talk: Emma Karp Explains How Our Marketplace is Different

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Powering Supply Chain Agility with Networked Ingredients Intelligence

Powering Supply Chain Agility with Networked Ingredients Intelligence

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Change happens when we gather

TraceGains Gather™ connects you to people and powerful data in unimaginable ways.  From specifications to global horizon scanning, you have the supply chain in the palm of your hand. Source qualified suppliers and find compliant ingredients using an advanced collaborative tool that makes your work easier and less risky.

Get information that’s relevant to your supply chain

Networked Intelligence is the strongest global horizon scanning solution you’ll find.

Intelligence data is mapped to your supply chain, providing you with vital information and proactive automatically.

Start with the industry’s go-to

Supplier Management is the time-tested industry standard for managing supplier documentation and ingredient data.

TraceGains customers find, on average, 80% of their existing suppliers already participants on the TraceGains Network.  So, on day one you’re streamlining sourcing.

Supercharge your sourcing

TraceGains Networked Ingredients Marketplace lets you source with confidence and speed, giving you access to ingredient listings, documentation, and data that is easily filtered and organized.

Collaborative Workspaces bring teams together, inside and outside the company, so you’re improving communications and working from common information and insights.

TraceGains Marketplace is a virtual catalog for us. It allows us to really manage supplier relationships and find the best ingredients at the best price.

—Andi Gillet, Purchasing Manager | Kanpak

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