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Powering Supply Chain Agility with Networked Ingredients Intelligence

Global regulations for ingredients amongst a complex global supply chain, what could possibly go wrong? Keeping track of relevant alerts can seem impossible, especially monitoring proper sources. You need a network to give you a clear picture. You need networked intelligence with Horizon Scanning Global.   

Automated alerts throughout the global network

Horizon Scanning Global lets you have it all. In one place. You can connect to data sources that comprehensively monitor restricted substance regulations worldwide. Map the data to the specific product ingredients you use so that an impacted ingredient gets flagged right away. Let networked intelligence alert you proactively so you can catch the next issue before it happens, stay ahead, and give the team time to react and avert disaster. Horizon Scanning Global is the world’s only solution, and we start by having the largest network of suppliers and supplier locations. We aggregate all to a single source of truth. 

Agility tied to your supply chain

Learn how agility is key to your supply chain, and how accessing the world’s largest network can tailor your alerts system down to a single ingredient. Our speakers will walk you through an experience of Horizon Scanning Global so you can get the information your team needs when they need it.

Watch & learn

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Free intelligence with FDA Import Alerts 
  • Global Horizon Scanning (formally known as Smart Alerts) capabilities sourced from FDA, USDA, RASFF, and SGS Digicomply 
  • Science citations gathered to provide Pubmed article database and dietary supplements sourcing  
  • Advanced filtering and targeted views 
  • More connected and integrated experience in Workspaces 
  • New basic version of the matching tool

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