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We understand your challenges

Ingredient suppliers struggle with the amount and complexity of customer requests. The array of processes, document formats, and requests are only surpassed by the bewildering communication requirements and confusing custom portals.

When managing customer requests is burdensome, it costs you time and money that could be used to grow your business.

Standardized Documents and Forms with PostOnce®

Standardized Documents and Forms with PostOnce®

Standardization is hard to come by in an industry where every company seems to use its own documentation. But PostOnce® makes it possible.

Connect with your supply chain with the power of TraceGains Network

A Look Inside TraceGains Network

A Look Inside TraceGains Network

A look at the capabilities of TraceGains Neworks and how it helps both customers and suppliers.
Digitalization Can Accelerate Innovation

Digitalization Can Accelerate Innovation

CPG manufacturers have turned to digital solutions to supercharge new product development.
Supplier Scorecarding: What It Means for Your Business

Supplier Scorecarding: What It Means for Your Business

Throughout the food industry, most, if not all, scorecarding of suppliers is driven by the constraints of ...

How we help you

Sell more, build new functioning relationships and stabilize your supply chain by listing on the world’s first Networked Ingredients Marketplace. TraceGains Gather™ reaches the world’s buyers, giving you options to win new customers worldwide.

Patented TraceGains PostOnce™  allows suppliers to securely share your company profile, product catalogs, information, documentation, and online forms.

Configurable permissions allow you to share only what you want, with some or all customers at once, and exchanging data is faster and easier than ever through optional, ready-made standardized forms.

Networked Ingredients Marketplace puts your company and products on the world stage, instantly, reaching the universe of CPG brands, suppliers and service providers from one marketplace.

Did we mention suppliers can access this tool for free? Sign up for TraceGains Gather™ and start connecting today.

Charts, graphs for analytics and statistics, representing Sales Hub on tablet with hands pointing to data.

TraceGains Sales Hub gives supplier sales and marketing teams unprecedented access to the TraceGains buyer community, alongside powerful tools to reach the market at large. List your product catalog, showcase important products, and analyze results with advanced analytics.

Meanwhile, TraceGains aggregates leads from interested buyers around the world, and offers an intuitive lead management solution so no opportunity falls through the cracks.

TraceGains allows me to connect with new customers and share large numbers of docs in just a few clicks. It feels great working in TraceGains Gather™.

—Marlen Wensel, Service and Compliance Manager | Altium Packaging

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