Comprehensive Solutions for the CPG Ecosystem

From initial sourcing to formulation, specification development, long-term compliance and industry intelligence, TraceGains enterprise solutions digitize and centralize product development and compliance on a unified, integrated platform.

Networked Ingredient Data Powers Your Operation


How to Overcome Supply Chain Disruption

The supply chain features countless moving parts. Any minor supply chain disruption can threaten the entire system. Any shifts that harm any aspect of the supp…

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Ingredient Agility Fuels Brand Agility

Address ongoing supply chain issues requires brand agility that begins with ingredient agility. Learn how you can create a more resilient support system.

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the secret to working with co-manufacturers

The Secret to Working with Contract Manufacturers

CPG companies across the board have turned to contract manufacturers (co-mans) as part of their next-generation innovation strategies.

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Industry-Standard Compliance Management

Supplier Management

The solution that started it all. Supplier Management is the industry go-to for ingredient data, streamlining your operation and giving you x-ray vision into your global supply chain.  

Supplier Compliance

Evaluate supplier performance, lot by lot, from purchase order to production, extending visibility to the shipping dock. Automate the tedious parts, focus on issues, and keep production running smoothly.

Quality Management

Store and analyze your quality control and safety data in a single system, providing immediate insight into operations on the plant floor. Create and track corrective actions, and be ready for tough audits.

Audit Management

Plan, conduct, and track audits on one platform, with pre-loaded templates and fully customizable checklists. Track the progress of audit teams, and stay on top of potential issues and corrective actions.

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Top 10 Benefits of Digital Document Management

With mission-critical information scattered across multiple locations and poor visibility into what other supply chain partners are doing, manufacturers can fe…

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Jiffy Mix

Jiffy Mix’s pledge to its customers requires extra attention to quality in every step of the manufacturing process. In the past, ensuring all suppliers remained compliant with the company’s strict quality requirements meant a never-ending flood of manual tasks that threatened to overwhelm Jiffy Mix’s staff. As a result, the company needed a solution that permitted around-the-clock quality control without adding personnel or cutting corners. With TraceGains, Jiffy Mix can — at any time — confirm whether a supplier or any of its shipments follows the company’s business rules and ingredient specifications. Jiffy Mix Company Snapshot Jiffy Mix is a 110-year-old, family-owned milling business that produces nearly two dozen mixes: Corn Muffin Mix, Chocolate Muffin Mix, Golden Yellow Cake Mix, and Fudge Brownie Mix. Committed to making a high-quality, affordable product, Jiffy Mix is a complete manufacturer. The company stores most of the wheat it uses, processes it into flour for production, and even makes its own packaging. Jiffy Mix […]

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