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Keep your specs right where you need them. Accessible, digital, and ready for collaboration.
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Specs shouldn’t be a foreign language in the food & beverage industry

Or rather foreign languages. One in this system, one in that department, another trapped in a folder with critical specification information.

Since you can’t afford to get specs wrong, tap into the shared language we’ve built for suppliers, items, documentation, and more. Networked Specification Management reduces your risk for errors and miscommunication. So, you can collaborate freely and do more with your data.

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The specifications of today

We don’t have to tell you how meaningful they are—or should be—in the F&B world. In terms of materials, finished goods, and even brand vision.

What you ultimately offer your customers has everything to do with how well the materials moving through your facilities adhere to the provided specs. But keeping this critical information in a static format allows for inefficiency (at best) and costly mistakes (at worst).

Why struggle to deliver due to incomplete and/or out-of-date specifications?

The future of data is digital

It’s easy to say your stuff’s digitized. After all, you’re using a computer to manage your specs, right?

But turning specifications into data that is standardized, indexed, and connected to ingredient and supplier information, that’s true digitization. Then data becomes accessible, informative, and actionable enabling greater opportunities.

It’s also how we start to implement automation, saving time on cumbersome, repetitive, and potentially error-prone tasks with Networked Specification Management.

Collaboration and supply chain traceability come naturally with Networked Specification Management

A templated approach

Standardizing specs with a common format eliminates a lot of translation errors. Author and manage specifications with configurable templates and experience auto-updates as you edit sections and attributes.

Complete version control

Stay up to date by leveraging sophisticated version history and automated workflows for new effective dates. It’s never been easier to complete mass spec updates.

Purpose-built configurations

Design specs that fit your business. Take advantage of configurable formatting for label images, packaging guidelines, preparation instructions, and in/out-of-spec tolerance images. Plus, intelligent recommendations for your requirements.

Enhanced collaboration & compliance

There’s something to be said for collaborating with your partners in a common system with state-of-the-art security. Stay connected with departments and suppliers with auto-alerts and real-time updates.

Connected product data

Author and manage specs that are tied to your existing items and suppliers on F&B’s largest network. As you enable efficient standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Improved efficiency, reduced cost

Automations and digitization relieve your team of their administrative burden. So, you can all get that time back and operate more efficiently. While reducing your risk of recalls, rework, and fines.

“Digitizing our spec process with TraceGains has increased collaboration and informed important decisions. We love our dashboards—they keep everyone on the same page and help us move faster.”


Lindsey Copely, QA Manager, JM Smuckers

Digital specification management overlay of food factory with screenshots of Networked Specification Management software

Invest in a system that brings it all together

With different teams touching specs, different approvals occurring, different rounds of sharing, it’s only that it natural that specifications will evolve over time. In fact, they need to change to keep pace with fluctuating consumer demand. Your checklist is about to get a whole lot easier.

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