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An old adage states, “When in a hole, stop digging.” But what if your organization seems to have missed the memo?   

It’s the specs. There are so many of them, and they’re so important, and there are all those different versions, and the versions are in different statuses…it’s just a ton to keep track of, especially with material in spreadsheets that you need other spreadsheets to manage. No pressure, right? It’s only the core of your business. One wrong specification in the wrong place could cause serious issues across the whole organization.  

Growth, innovation, and automation

Oh, and did anybody mention that the company is in growth mode? More products, more manufacturing facilities and partners, growing innovation – it’s all good news. But how are you going to scale?  

You’re aware of the issues. Right now, your specifications are disparate documents that are a pain to manage. But what they can become is secure digital data: indexed, organized, and controlled. Data that can inform business decisions and streamline partner communication, rather than slowing it down. And best of all, digital specifications can be surrounded by workflows, process controls, versioning and automation strategies that can take guesswork and error out of the process.   

Specification Management on demand

In this on-demand demo for Specification Management, we drill down to help you answer one question. Do you take on digitization now, and have all those capabilities in your corner as you scale and grow? In a tough, competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can get. Learn how you can tackle the challenge now before it becomes too late. 

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In this on-demand demo, you’ll discover:

  • How to leverage intelligent recommendations based on requirements and supplier capabilities.
  • Millions of supplier documents instantly available via TraceGains Marketplace and how to harness the data to suite your business needs
  • How to edit sections and attributes of specification templates, with auto-update of impacted specs.
  • The power of automation when using specification processes with configurable alerts and notifications.
  • Collaboration tools including full audit trails and correspondence tracking.
  • Flexible formatting for label images, packaging guidelines, preparation instructions, and in/out-of-spec tolerance images.

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