Brokers & Distributors

Accelerate the data flow between your suppliers and customers.

We Understand Your Challenges

Your business is all about bringing people together, but compliance requirements slow things down. Keeping your customers and suppliers in sync with documentation and ingredient data can be a daunting task, standing in the way of the speed and scale you need to grow your business.  

Solving the Data Flow

Brokers, distributors, and importers face unique challenges in today’s food and beverage landscape. With a heightened focus on documentation and recordkeeping, these critical gatekeepers in the food and beverage business face increased pressure to ensure that proper documentation follows each ingredient or finished good along its journey — from the supplier to the customer and every step in between.

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Accelerate Compliance

Brokers, Distributors Eliminate Hassles with TraceGains PassThru

For a lot of manufacturers, it can be difficult to secure ingredients because of a lack of buying power – whether it’s based on quantity or frequency.

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Better Supply Chain Transparency Through Accountability

One area of importance that routinely pops up within the food and beverage industry is this area of traceability and trust/transparency.

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Supply Chain Automation for Brokers, Distributors, and Importers

Brokers, distributors, and importers can alleviate document management and collaboration headaches with TraceGains PassThru™. Our revolutionary technology is…

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How We Help

TraceGains Gather™ alongside our industry-proven Networked Supplier Management platform gives you a complete set of tools to manage the flow of documentation and ingredients data between your suppliers and end customers. TraceGains Document Passthru™ makes it even easier, letting you automate your documentation flow and save time while scaling accuracy.  

Connect with suppliers and customers digitally on one platform. Post Once™ and share them with all your customers, whether they network on TraceGains or not.

Centralize and manage customer requests in the same place for unrivaled visibility across your operation. 

Accelerate horizon scanning with global intelligence data mapped to the ingredients you handle.

Gain insights into your supplier community and source with confidence, while establishing ongoing, automated monitoring for the ingredients and suppliers that matter most.

Collaborate with configurable team Workspaces, allowing multiple teams within the organization to share documents, ingredient and supplier watchlists, and more.

Collaborate with everyone using a single, secure view, and move past fragmented email-based communications. 

With TraceGains, we only have to complete documents one time and can provide them to all our customers. It’s a technological asprin that takes the pain out of providing supply chain documentation.

Megan Krentz, Product Data Specialist | Organic Valley

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