TraceGains Quality Management

Centralized Quality Control with the Power of Digital Data


Avoid Paper Cuts

Paper cuts productivity, safety, workflows, and (it feels like) your soul.  Drive productivity and continuous improvement digitally, giving you control over safety and quality operations on the plant floor. Built-in system triggers provide instant notifications, allowing employees to act and quickly resolve Corrective Action Requests (CARs). Productivity is calling, isn’t it time?

Explore Quality Management

Preparing for Onsite Facility Inspections

The FDA is working to reestablish onsite inspections and transition to pre-pandemic “standard operations.” Will you be ready when onsite inspections start agai…

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Coffee Talk: How Has Big Data Changed Food Safety and Quality?

How has big data affected food safety and quality? To answer this question, we asked TraceGains CEO Gary Nowacki to share his insights.

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Pinnacle Foods on Automation in Supply Chain Quality

See what Karen Klansek has to say about the changes and challenges occurring in today’s food supply chain.

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Flexible Configuration for Your Unique Operations

Get digitized and audit-ready with standard forms for FSMA, GFSI and other compliance standards alongside configurable templates mapped to your specific operations. Information flows throughout the TraceGains product suite, so your business information and data are always accessible and relevant.

Centralize, Automate, and Never Stop Improving

Single Repository

Organize and digitize all relevant quality documentation for all facilities.

Notifications and Workflows

Manage plant floor processes with automated workflows and notifications including HACCP, audit processes, CARs, and more.

Continuous Improvement

Analyzes quality control and food safety data, for real-time plant floor insight to drive.

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5 black food safety pioneers

5 Black Food and Food Safety Pioneers

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