ESG for the Food and Beverage Industry

Your environmental, social, and governance journey starts here.

The call for sustainability is growing

From consumers to regulators and many stakeholders in between, the pressure is on for F&B brands to implement more sustainable solutions. But most of us are starting from different places—quite literally. With different concepts of what ESG means for our products, our business, and our future.

Although the demand is growing, the timing couldn’t be better. It’s neither too late, nor too early, to take that next (or first) step toward greater environmental, social, and governance transparency throughout your supply chain. No matter how complex it may be today.


of F&B companies feel like they're falling short on ESG compliance
ESG visibility, transparency from farm to fork of the food and beverage supply chain.

The trusted solution for supplier and item data just got greener

TraceGains has been the industry standard for supplier data, ingredient-level information, and global intelligence for years. We’ve enriched our trusted platform with environmental intelligence and sustainability data from the industry’s most trusted sources.

Your ESG questions answered

What are some environmental considerations?

Arguably the more obvious of the ESG factors, environmental concerns can include your carbon footprint, water usage/conservation, deforestation, pollution, product packaging, waste management, energy consumption, and much more. Plus, that of your suppliers and other supply chain partners. 

What falls into the "social" category?

When it comes to your products, the social impact includes the overall health and nutrition that you’re providing to consumers. But food and beverage shoppers may look a little deeper, considering how accessible your products are, and how responsibly you’re sourcing ingredients. Additionally, social considerations include overall business operations like fair wages, adherence to labor laws, DEI initiatives, community impact, and human rights.

What about the "G" in ESG?

Governance will naturally include compliance matters, such as your ability to adhere to all local, state, country, and international regulations. Especially those that rely on compliant suppliers and supply chain partneres. So, transparency is a huge concern in this category. Along with the quality and safety of your products, as well as resposible marketing practices.

What's the food and beverage industry doing today?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Some companies have placed their ESG efforts in the public eye by sharing strategic initiatives, sustainbility directives, and more direct actions to blaze the trail. Others struggling with resource constraints are still waiting for regulatory deadlines that will make ESG a more pressing priority. And many brands fall somewhere in between these two extremes. But the entire industry has recognized the responsibility we all share to take more sustainable actions from conception to consumption. 

The unified platform for integrated sustainability data

TraceGains partners with Sustained to provide item-level climate impact data for your unique supply chain.

Evaluate supplier sustainability performance and global initiative participation with DitchCarbon.

Ensure your supply chain is free of forced labor with social sustainability data from Sedex.

Expand your range of environmental intelligence data, with HowGood’s flexible capabilities for zeroing in on high-impact sustainability areas.

Companies no longer want separate solutions. ESG commitments require a comprehensive, extensible network platform addressing all relevant datasets, now and in the future.”


— Gary Iles, SVP of Marketing and Business Development, TraceGains

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