Sustainability journey starts with data.

Get ESG information that is relevant and actionable with TraceGains Sustainability Management.

Measure the sustainability of your

ingredients and suppliers

Through our trusted ESG partnerships and comprehensive solutions, TraceGains can help you set, redefine, and achieve your sustainability goals. With our connected, living network, you can now look at your supply chain through the sustainabilty lens, enabling real-time insights and continuous improvements, no matter where your ESG focus is currently.

Sustainability isn’t a game, but we’ll help you keep score

Ingredient sustainability scores
Supplier sustainability scorecards
Sustainable product assessment
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TraceGains is renowned for helping customers manage and leverage supplier information for critical decision making. With this partnership, we’re integrating unmatched environmental intelligence into that proven model, making high-resolution lifecycle analysis a natural part of product development.”

Carl Olivier, CEO and Co-Founder, Sustained

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