CAPA Management

Proactive nonconformance tracking for a new level of corrective and preventive action management.
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Fix supply chain issues quickly—and for good

When complaints and corrective actions arise, it’s easy to focus on those symptoms without addressing the root cause of the nonconformance.

With TraceGains CAPA Management you manage complaints, CARs, and nonconformances in one system so you can easily tie issues to suppliers, items, and locations. So, if issues arise, you can control the spread, prevent future occurrences, and recoup costs associated to nonconformances out of your control.

Technology scanning package in warehouse, problem detected and warning generated by TraceGains

Addressing nonconformances today is a burden

 For many teams, the process doesn’t even start until they receive a complaint. From there, it’s a flurry of activity as different people scramble to begin the complex series of tasks required to document and address nonconformances.

If this sounds familiar, it’s no wonder that the prospect of generating a corrective action request (CAR) can exhaust even the most seasoned food and beverage professional. But handling corrective actions and preventative actions doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  

Alleviate the stress of tracing and addressing the underlying issues within your supply chain.

Better CAPA Management is tomorrow’s competitive edge

A centralized location for your corrective and preventive action processes allows you to tie complaints and CARs to the underlying nonconformances. Referencing information that is relevant, such as supplier COA, location, audits.

Why does this matter? Well, because it allows you to paint a complete picture of the issues you (and your supply chain) are facing. So, when something unexpected sneaks in, you can act quickly—faster than your competitors—while maintaining a comprehensive view of product quality and safety.

Take the next step toward continuous improvement for a safer, more efficient future.

Continuous improvement starts here

 See all the dirty details

Easily tie complaints and CARs to nonconformances and track all the data and documents related to that nonconformance.

Trace issues to the source

Perform in-depth root cause analyses to uncover underlying causes, preventing future occurrences.

Enable proactive resolution

Continuously assess the impact and effectiveness of CARs with real-time metrics that drive supplier and plant performance.

Optimize cost control

Track and manage costs associated with nonconformances, so you can better control costs and activate recovery measures.

“The FDA reports that since 2018, a ‘lack of or inadequate CAPA procedures’ has consistently been found in 20-25% of all annual observations. An additional 5-8% come due to failure to document CAPA activities.”


FDA News

Screenshot of TraceGains CAPA Management software on a background of logistics technology in the city.
Infographic illustrating the CAPA Management process of identifying problems, corrective actions, and preventive actions.

A unified strategy for operational excellence

The effort to investigate and correct quality issues is vital for regulatory compliance and product quality. With TraceGains CAPA Management, corrective and preventive action processes are integrated with the the rest of the quality and supplier management systems, resulting in a holistic, connected solution. So, you can get a real-time view of your ingredients, suppliers, and operations that enhance product quality and safety, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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