Wellington Foods

As a proud partner and contract manufacturer (co-man) for the dietary supplement industry, Wellington Foods produces products that enable customers, consumers, and team members lead healthy lives. With the powder dietary supplements market set to surpass $75 billion by 2032, they’re also committed to investing in technology that allows them to help their partners continue to grow.

See how TraceGains became an essential part of their strategy and what employees across their supply chain had to say about life after networked power.

Wellington Foods Company Snapshot

Wellington Foods is an industry-leading contract manufacturer specializing in liquid and powder-based dietary supplements. Founded in 1974, they serve a wide variety of brands and market segments and are the trusted partner of many well-known brands with national and international distribution.

The Challenge

Consumer Trends

Increased demand for specialized products created more paperwork due to a more rigorous qualification process for certified products.

Paper Based Processes

Documentation management kept on spreadsheets and servers slowed the movement of information and posed the risk of human error.

Supplier Relationships

Communicating with suppliers was cumbersome and often delayed product releases complicating customer relationships.

The Solution

With TraceGains Networked Supplier Management, Wellington Foods now has a single source of truth for all supply chain and quality documentation. Quality, Regulatory, Procurement and Sourcing teams all have access to vital documentation to help keep customer product releases on track.

TraceGains Marketplace lets Wellington Foods source with both confidence and speed, giving them access not just to ingredient listings but to documentation and data.

We’ve invested in a lot of different parts of our operation that help our customers grow their business. TraceGains is part of our plan to continue getting better, to do more.

—Tony Harnack, CEO of Wellington Foods

The Outcomes

Quality can now:

Quickly access operational and supply chain documentation to spot issues, provide answers to customers’ questions, and maintain quality excellence.

Purchasing can now:

Source new ingredients and connect with alternate suppliers who have regulatory documents ready to go, so product launch timelines stay on track.

R&D can now:

Spend time in the lab actually formulating and working on products, speeding innovation time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Want to see more?

Check out how TraceGains how bring teams together for faster innovation and tight compliance.

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