Networked Supplier Compliance

Lot-level Compliance with Supplier Performance Scorecards

Your Time, Not Wasted

Early warnings and remarkable ingredient data visibility allows you to focus time on the things that only you can do.  Automation compares inbound CoAs with specifications, highlighting what’s wrong so you can react quickly and get back to your real job.  

Streamlined Risk Management

Get More From CoAs

CoAs are an essential building block for ensuring product quality and safety.

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Supplier Scorecarding: What it Means for Your Business

Throughout the food industry, most, if not all, scorecarding of suppliers is driven by the constraints of purchasing and cost accounting systems.

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bimbo had questions

Bimbo Had Questions. TraceGains Had Answers.

The exchange of information between suppliers and customers has been a mess as far back as anyone can remember.

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Always Know Your Top Performing Partners

Score your suppliers based on real-world data and drive total supply chain partner performance. Know your risks, avert critical issues, and gain the visibility and control needed to meet your quality, compliance and risk objectives. Create and manage corrective actions and even chargebacks, because inflation hits you from all sides. It’s your crystal ball.

Manage Every Detail Without Losing the Big Picture

Supplier Scorecards

Supplier scorecards based on configurable templates, highlighting strong partners.

Integrate with Ingredient Specifications

Networked ingredient data enables integration with digital specifications.

Automate CARs and Tracking

Generate corrective actions and track resolution automatically, saving time and improving accuracy.

Automate COA Input

COAs are read and compared to specifications automatically, highlighting potential issues and letting your team focus on risks. 

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Supply Chain Visibility and Supplier Scorecards: What You Need to Know

A supplier’s performance can be compared to a competitor’s as well as against expectations. Learn more about scorecarding and supply chain visibility.

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C. H. Guenther

C.H. Guenther & Son has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years, adding more factories across the United States, Canada, and Western Europe to support the inc…

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Making Sense of Digital Threads with VP of Product Greg Heartman

This is the third in a series of blog posts where TraceGains Vice President of Product Greg Heartman discusses the role of digital threads.

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