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A true mission-driven company

TraceGains is on a mission to revolutionize consumer packaged goods’ (CPG) supply chain agility. We believe this mission is urgent and critical. The supply chain we serve is the largest and most fragmented on the planet.

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of CPG processing sites depend on hundreds of thousands of suppliers. So, at each step in the farm-to-fork journey, stakeholders must exchange information, a lot of information.

Everyone at TraceGains is also a consumer, so we all know what’s at stake.

We’re not just better—we’re different

For 15 years, TraceGains has provided the world’s only holistic networked solution for global brands gaining speed and control over compliance and product development. Using the power of a network, brands collaborate on 450,000+ ingredients/items from more than 61,000 supply chain locations creating greater agility, resilience, and joined sustainability within the business ecosystem that masters the modern supply chain.

Our core values:

Wow our customers

Stay in this together

Connect the industry

Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just words

When we say “we’re in this together,” we mean it. And we recognize that pulling it off requires work, conscious values, and ground rules. TraceGains is committed to finding and attracting talented people from every walk of life. We celebrate our similarities and our differences. We respect and value diversity of all kinds, whether it’s gender identity, sexual orientation, religious background, race and ethnicity, age, and veteran status.

TraceGains strives for continuous improvement and accountability when it comes to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion at our company—from how we recruit and retain employees to the products we release to the market. Our employee-run Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI), successfully implemented unconscious bias training company-wide and we discovered we have more work to do. We believe in progress, not perfection, and remain committed to building and nurturing a warm, well-represented, supportive workplace where team members know they are safe, heard, and belong.

At TraceGains, we innovate

Embracing an innovation mindset means we encourage our team to be inventive, forward-thinking, and vocal. We believe our diverse experience, deep industry knowledge, and passion for learning make us stronger.

Our annual Creativity Contest gives employees the chance to submit ideas that challenge the status quo and improve the customer experience. Management implements the top three recommendations while the winners receive recognition and rewards. The long-term goal beyond the competition is that employees have a voice in shaping our future.

And we give back

Empowering our team to follow their charitable passions has been one of our best decisions— it’s led to happier employees and a deeper connection with our community.

We bond over volunteer projects, whether it’s building bikes for local kids with the Westminster Fire Department, packing lunches to feed low-income students, or pulling a jumbo jet to support Special Olympics Colorado.

Most importantly, we have fun

We believe in a solid work-life balance and ensure that balance begins in the office. When people have fun together, it increases trust, creativity, and communication.

Whether it’s a structured event, like team Mario-themed go karting, a family picnic, a soup group gathering, rock climbing, or more impromptu activities—we strive for a friendly and upbeat work environment.

Having fun relaxes us, gives us space to reflect, helps us learn, and allows us to focus on our well-being.

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