Be Audit Ready Whenever, Wherever

Stay prepared for audits, reduce risk, and save your team time (and headaches).
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Got audit struggles?

Let’s face it — audits can be a burden and requirements aren’t getting any simpler.

Food safety needs

FSMA and HACCP and cGMPs — oh my!

Document deluge

You’re compliant on paper…you just can’t find all the papers.

Supplier monitoring

From no docs to expired ones, suppliers are a lot.

Disparate teams

Coordinating multiple calendars across time zones—whew.

Audits on the rise

If passing audits were easy, everyone would do it. And unfortunately, whether it’s for GFSI certification, the FDA, or a customer-mandate check — failing an audit can be costly. When a company passes an audit, executives celebrate the entire staff, while failure typically falls on the heads of the Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) team. However, those teams can stave off audit failures — and the consequent losses — with a proactive audit preparation strategy.


“We used to spend a good week and a half just organizing the documents in preparation for our audits. With TraceGains? It’s automatic. It’s done. It’s just part of what we do.”​

—Gary Murphy, FSQA Director, OWS Foods

Turn audits into your competitive advantage

Master doc management

Find critical supplier and quality docs in just a few clicks, with auto-alerts to all for any expiring docs.

Make data useful

Data mine audit records for trend analysis that drives continuous process improvement.

Compliance in advance

Checklists, pre-loaded templates, and instant supplier data gets you ahead of compliance issues.

Faster audits, lower risk, reduced complexity

Audits aren’t getting any easier. Requirements keep evolving, and that means more variations and more complexity. More demands on audit teams means more ways to mess up. Keeping track of audit requirements, where they apply and who can perform them is a daunting task.

We help you make the leap from keeping your head above water to gaining valuable and meaningful insights across your operations. Bringing documenation and audit teams together on one platform, with automation tools and data visibility, transforms audits from a necessary task to a powerful business accelerator. 

Ready to build a world-class audit program while keeping your sanity?


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