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How Food Quality Departments Can Drive Innovation

Consumer expectations for product quality are at an all-time high while competitive pressures continue to squeeze tight profit margins and time-to-market pressures. Food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers remain under increased pressure to deliver products better, faster, and cheaper. While everyone agrees that quality teams play a fundamental role in preserving customer satisfaction and food safety, their necessary risk management efforts can appear to slow down or even hamper innovation.

Collaborative product development

Quality professionals can overcome these negative perceptions with the right strategy and tools. By harnessing the data within regulatory documentation and the information collected on the plant floor, quality departments can help drive new product development decisions, creating a foundation to drive continuous improvement, less risk, and improve supply chain transparency.

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring Vice President of Quality Systems from Bimbo QSR Mike LaBosky. Mike discusses how quality departments can contribute to product innovation and learn how to connect departments for process improvement, team collaboration, and product innovation.

Watch & learn:

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The link between quality practices and NPD Performance.
  • Ways to improve new product development processes by engaging the quality team.
  • Tips to advance internal support for quality initiatives.
  • Methods to achieve cross-department collaboration and connect your supply chain.
  • How to improve visibility into your quality operations and supply chain performance to accelerate NPD.

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