One source of truth.
Version control visibility.
Accelerated collaboration without the risk.

Move at market speed when you connect specs to your ingredient
and supplier data with Networked Specification Management.

Turn specification management into your competitive advantage

Specification management doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, when you turn your specs into secure digital data, indexed, organized, controlled—specs can inform business decisions and streamline partner communication. And best of all, digital specifications can be surrounded by workflows, process controls, versioning, and automation strategies that take the guesswork and error out of the process.

Connect all your product data on Networked Specification Management and move at market speed without the risk. Fill out the form to get a demo today.

Proven ROI for F&B companies


Reduced amount of rework


Faster spec approval times


Accelerated time to market

Get a demo tailored to your unique needs

“Our old system was overly complex. I love that TraceGains is so intuitive. We’ve seen incredible reduction in spec appoval times. And being able to collaborate directly with suppliers in the system ensures we stay on track and in control.”

— Elizabeth W.

Manager, Technical Services, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Why teams love Networked Specification Management

Specs linked to ingredient and supplier data, with automated alerts your specs are affected

Robust collaboration tools including full audit trails and correspondance tracking

Flexible formatting for label images, packaging, guidelines, and in/out of spec tolerance images

Configurable templates with editable attributes and auto-updates for impacted specs

Trusted by global brands

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