Traditional vs. Digital Document Management

With growing food, beverage, and dietary supplements supply chains, the massive amounts of compliance documentation that teams must manage and navigate can overwhelm even the most extensive staff. In a world where a single ingredient can require as many as 100 documents, it’s not surprising that many teams struggle to keep up.

In addition, manual document collection and storage can be time-consuming and labor-intensive and frequently leads to mistakes along the way.

Improve operational agility and increase productivity

Your team doesn’t have to rifle through filing cabinets, scour shared drives, and comb through disparate databases for documents, manually enter data, or worry about which suppliers are putting your brand – and your customers – at risk.

TraceGains provides an automated, digital workflow for documentation linked to the industry-leading food, beverage, and dietary supplements network to automate most of the work. TraceGains digitizes everything from specifications to certifications to allergen forms and leverages that data to power configurable dashboards and reports for real-time business insight. We connect your supply chain and automate most of the work so your team can work smarter.

Move beyond manual

Most of what you need for supply chain transparency lives in your regulatory documentation. Turning compliance documentation into digital records is a win-win proposition and goes well beyond avoiding risk. The business benefits companies gain by advancing supply-chain management are profound. They include revenue growth, increased market share, waste reduction, and the ability to offer customers tailored services. The right technology can turn your supply chain into a data-powered strategic asset and an engine for innovation. When this happens, your business can respond quickly to market, customer, and supply chain shifts while offering significant value to each organization in your connected supply chain.

The Promise of Digital Recordkeeping

Find out how TraceGains networked solutions outperform traditional document management systems in our complimentary infographic.

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