Standardized Documents and Forms with PostOnce®

Standardization is hard to come by in an industry where every company seems to use its own forms and systems for documentation. But imagine how much time your team would save by automating the completion and distribution of many required documents. Instead of manually responding and sharing the information needed to power the supply chain, you can use PostOnce®. Before you decide, take a look at the data behind this technology.

What does digital transformation mean for your business?

There’s a lot of buzz about digital transformation. But what does it mean to you and your company? At the heart of it, it’s about bringing people and information together. Even the best supplier relationships won’t fix your supply chain if your organization is siloed. With a single networked platform for product and supply chain documentation and information, TraceGains connects departments with suppliers and co-manufacturers so your team can work smarter.

Reap the benefits of standardization

We’ve outlined the top 10 benefits of using TraceGains Standardized Documents and Forms to help you jumpstart your digital transformation. Download our datasheet to learn how.

Improve supply chain transparency

The information within your supply chain and product documents holds intellectual property and a gold mine of insight. Why not use it to power dashboards and reports to spot issues and track trends? Better yet, combine it with the data in your ERP and PLM solutions to get complete supply chain transparency.

Align with industry standards

With the development of Standardized Documents and Forms for suppliers on TraceGains Gather™, brands and retailers gain instant access to the supply chain information and documents they need. And to make it easier for suppliers to provide information, forms, and other documents to customers, TraceGains built PostOnce®. The technology allows suppliers to complete forms and provide information once and send everything to all customers with a single action.

An Advisory Board of industry experts, representing various functions across leading brands and suppliers, oversees TraceGains Standardized Documents and Forms, ensuring they remain accurate and relevant. TraceGains offers dynamic questionnaires containing cascading questions that adapt to responses. And since item and ingredient-related questions fall into many risk groups, teams can access what they need when they need it.

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