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Stress less and innovate more with tools designed to accelerate every stage of product development
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Innovate faster, formulate precisely, keep product data synced 

Speed and accuracy are inseparable when it comes to product development. And with more pressure to innovate than ever before while juggling evolving consumer preferences and regulatory requirements, plus an unpredictable supply chain, there is no room for error or rework. R&D teams need digital tools to reduce redundant and error-prone processes so they can spend more time innovating.

Good news, TraceGains offers the all-in-one solution for rapid innovation, paired with the industry’s most powerful marketplace for technical ingredient sourcing.



TraceGains saves 30% on the development side, which is significant. As the company gets busier, we’re able to do our work at a quicker rate, but not feel stressed about it.

Evan Miller
Food Scientist II, OWS Foods


Rapid Development & Iteration

  • Unlimited formula and recipe variants including linked sub-formulas
  • Sophisticated version control and workflows for rapid iteration early in development process
  • Industry specific formats and toosl, such as Baker’s Percentage and more
  • Configurable reporting for cost estimates, allergen thresholds, nutrition profiles, and ingredient declarations


Centralized Product Data

  • Ingredient-level data flows from supplier docs and specifications directly to recipes/formulas without cost and error of manual re-entry
  • Standardized ingredient data for seamless integration across R&D, quality, procurement, and regulatory
  • Identify formulas containing specific ingredients and perform mass-updates


Accelerate Ingredient Research

  • Instantly leverage ingredient data available before needing to contact a supplier
  • Powerful search criteria to find ingredients that meet specific consumer, ethical, or techincal requirements
  • Connect formulas to your ingredient supply chain and connect to global intelligence data

TraceGains gives all teams visibility into product development projects so they can work simultaneously, elimnating the need for manual version control or change management. It saves us so much time.

—Joe Pilewski

Innovation hums when you harmonize people, processes, and data

R&D / Innovation

Quickly find ingredients and raw materials. Digitally model variations and calculate nutrition.


Address and manage claims and labeling issues. Proactively address compliance-related requirements. 


 Identify suppliers and estimate pricing, identifying alternate suppliers if needed.

Quality / Technical Services

Manage ingredient and supplier approval processes. Prepare and share specifications.

The only solution connected to a network so you can accelerate innovation at every stage

Supplier Locations

Items & Ingredients


Supplier Documents

Innovation can't wait. Why should you?

Don’t let cumbersome processes and scattered data slow you down. The future is waiting to be seized—let’s make sure you’re ready for it!

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