Reformulate With Ease: Navigate New Defra Bread & Flour Regulations

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Accelerate reformulation with instant nutrition data and compliant labels


Defra has officially confirmed changes to the Bread & Flour Regulations 1998, ushering in an era where reformulation becomes not just beneficial but necessary for compliance.

TraceGains NutriCalc is the solution built by and for food scientists. We can help you make your way through the process with ease. Our platform makes reformulating your products straightforward, ensuring you meet the new regulatory standards while maintaining the quality and taste your customers expect. 

Get nutrition calculations and labelling right the first time, every time with TraceGains NutriCalc


  • Unlimited recipe and ingredient configuration

  • Vast global ingredients database

  • UK, EU and other international formats and reports

  • Allergen reports and declarations

  • Built-in compliance tools offer corrections and improvements for recipe and ingredient entries

  • Compound and sub-recipes

“…Absolutely brilliant and such a help when creating and setting up new products, especially in the ingredient declaration, it saves so much time…It’s the best system around.”

—Rowe's Cornish Bakers

Your fully integrated solution for seamless product development


As a fully integrated solution, TraceGains NutriCalc is changing the game for R&D teams seeking a faster path to market, offering accelerated product innovation alongside the industry’s most capable platform for quality, compliance, operations, and global regulatory management.


Jam packed features

Compliant Label Formats
UK, EU, USA, AUS/NZ, CAN, South Africia, Hong Kong, and the GCC region

Export Labels
As an image, text, PDF, or just print!

Create Teams
Invite your team members and share data

Useful Tags
Stay organized any way you choose

Verify Ingredients
Track changes to your recipes/ingredients with our audit function

“If you need accurate, useful, viable nutrition data then you should be using NutriCalc.”

—Quattro Foods

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