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Take control from formulation to labels

Two established industry frontrunners have joined forces to create the new standard for nutritional calculation and reporting. For more than 15 years TraceGains has been the go-to solution for global brands in need of efficient and controlled compliance and product development processes. NutriCalc, created by and for food scientists, has long been a leading provider of nutritional calculation, analysis, and reporting capabilities for global brands, backed by decades of research and industry collaboration.

As a fully integrated solution, TraceGains NutriCalc is changing the game for R&D teams seeking a faster path to market, offering accelerated product innovation alongside the industry’s most capable platform for quality, compliance, operations, and global regulatory management.

With full support for US, UK, and international label formats and flexible implementation options, TraceGains NutriCalc enables brands to innovate and thrive, both in local markets and on the global stage. And with flexible implementation options, from a standalone solution to full enterprise integration, the power of TraceGains NutriCalc is available to brands of all sizes, at a price point that won’t break the bank.

Focus on innovation—let TraceGains NutriCalc do the heavy lifting

Accelerate Nutrition Calculation 

Managing nutrition calculations manually on a spreadsheet is cumbersome and prone to errors. With TraceGains NutriCalc, standard, validated calculations produce accurate, reliable nutrition results with zero headache. Teams can spend less time on nutrition validation, and more time on product innovation.

Enhance Digital Calculation Efficiency

While laboratory analysis has its place, the digital era demands quicker, cost-effective alternatives for many product categories. TraceGains NutriCalc enables digital nutrition calculations, accelerating the iteration process and significantly reducing time-to-market.

Revolutionize Ingredient Management

As your product range grows, managing ingredient data becomes increasingly complex. TraceGains NutriCalc makes this easy by providing instant access to a vast library of standardised ingredient data. Customization is effortless, allowing for swift adjustments and additions to match your unique product needs.

Simplify Experimentation

The core of scientific advancement is experimentation. TraceGains NutriCalc simplifies this process, allowing for easy management of recipe modifications. Save, duplicate, and modify recipes effortlessly, assessing the nutrition impacts instantly. Our platform supports unlimited variations and robust version control, enabling your team to innovate freely without compromising on deadlines or budget constraints. 

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