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Stay ahead of a game that’s always moving

Keeping up with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape is a struggle. Combing through the ocean of regulatory information is overwhelming and can result in tough repercussions if things are missed. That’s why we’ve partnered with SGS Digicomply to build a solution specifically for regulatory affair professionals.

TraceGains Gather™ Regulatory Global lets you:

  • Monitor regulatory changes
  • Collaborate with teammates and important stakeholders
  • Evaluate if products comply with regulations
  • Examine scientific research as early indicators of regulatory changes
  • Comprehensive, easily digestible regulatory country guides

 Knowing is half the battle

Access to global regulatory data starts with TraceGains Gather™. But that’s just the beginning. TraceGains puts critical ingredient-level data in one place, making it contextual and relevant to every stage of the operation, from product ideation through to the plant floor. Our partner, SGS Digicomply offers unrivaled global reach in critical data, from horizon scanning and incident data to worldwide, in-depth regulatory information and guidance. Together, we’re creating a richer and more valuable ingredient data set, at your fingertips, when it actually matters.

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TraceGains is different

TraceGains is revolutionizing CPG supply chain agility through an innovative Networked Ingredient Marketplace. The ability for businesses to seamlessly connect with partners through a networked marketplace is essential for collaborating to solve today’s unprecedented supply chain challenges. Information about ingredients and supply chain partners flows instantly using intelligence and automation. Our patented PostOnce® technology allows authorized stakeholders to share and receive vital information, precisely when, where, and how they need to operate efficiently and remain competitive. Through the power of a global network, supply chain agility is achievable.

For 15 years, TraceGains has provided the world’s only holistic networked solution for global brands gaining speed and control over compliance and product development. Using the power of a network, brands collaborate on 425,000 ingredients/items from more than 55,000 supply chain locations creating greater agility, resilience, and joined sustainability within the business ecosystem that masters the modern supply chain. 

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