TraceGains Gather™ Regulatory Global

Automated compliance with 200,000+ global regulations and insights, plus new market entry.

Global regulatory data struggles?

Fast changing and increasingly complex regulations for the food and beverage industry means regulatory professionals need to be able to access the most up-to-date global regulations quickly and efficiently, at any time. Yet finding the right regulatory information you need is difficult, especially when moving fast. Combing through materials from government institutions, news outlets, and the scientific community is overwhelming and distracting. And failure to comply can have tough repercussions.

Good news—there’s a better way.

Easily access global regulatory data

TraceGains partners with SGS Digicomply, the world’s leading source of global intelligence data, to provide an unrivaled resource for global regulatory data. Easily search regulation guides for specific ingredients, legislation, or rules using highly customizable filters. This means a better and quicker way to find the regulations that matter most for your business.

Key Features of Regulatory Global

Experience the power of TraceGains Gather® with the Global Regulatory Data add-on built specifically for regulatory professionals. Go from relying on individuals funneling information to a process-driven approach for compliance built around sophisticated, fully automated scanning of the regulatory environment.

Comprehensive regulations database and country market entry guides to help you understand market regulatory needs, manage risk, and maintain compliance.

Continuously updated global regulations database with key search filters, English-language regulation translations, links to original sources, and enforcement status.

Country market entry guides focused on regulatory compliance for over 160 countries.

Add all regulations and country guides to Workspaces for collaborative efforts.

It all starts with TraceGains Gather® Pro

The food and beverage industry connects on TraceGains Gather® – the industry’s first and only networked ingredients marketplace. Our marketplace is about more than sourcing ingredients – although that’s a pretty great part of it! Networked means connecting people with the relevant data needed for their supply chain and their job. No more scavenger hunts. Networked means getting everyone in your organization on the same page. No more second guessing and back-and-forth communications. Networked means having the information you need before you even knew you needed it. Sounds kind of like a superhero.

Sound too good to be true? Try it out for free and see what the buzz is about. No strings attached. And when you love it, we’re here to show you more.

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