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Drive Growth and Innovation with Networked Ingredient Data

In our fast-paced world, it’s no secret that businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of managing an overwhelming amount of information—especially those that deal with ingredient data. Between suppliers, regulations, and documentation, it can be challenging to scale your business sustainably. Bringing the right product to the marketplace and capturing your target audience is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish alone.

Prioritizing quality and quantity

The truth is innovation and growth are more important now than ever before. That’s why we designed Gather™ to help streamline supplier management, reduce onboarding timelines, and provide access to millions of ingredient documents and technical specifications. It is more than just a supplier directory; it’s a global network of hundreds of thousands of ingredient sources worldwide. Whether you’re searching for goji berries from South Africa or need to compare dozens of supplier options for tarragon, Gather™ can help you find what you need.

We understand that reducing customer onboarding time and accelerating time-to-revenue are critical components of any successful business. That’s why we want to invite you to experience Gather™ for yourself, with no cost or risk. Our goal is to work together to help you overcome these challenges and achieve success.

Automated data and documentation processes

In today’s world, networks are the modern solution for industry, and Gather™ offers a unique opportunity to connect with the F&B industry, including access to some of the industry’s strongest brands. Automating data and documentation processes can speed up innovation and accelerate your business growth.

Envision a future where businesses can easily manage suppliers, reduce onboarding timelines, and access millions of ingredient documents and technical specifications. Experience how working together and leveraging the power of modern networks, businesses can overcome the challenges of information overload and achieve sustainable growth.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How integrating supplier diversity into your brand can give you broader access and help to mitigate the effects of supplier chain disruption and price stability
  • Finding materials for either new product development or the alternative ingredients for reformulation is a search away
  • How your team can slash customer onboarding and time-to-revenue, while accessing the industry’s strongest and well-known brands
  • Risk-free research for your team, allowing you to easily gain access to a worldwide ingredient marketplace for free

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