The TraceGains Supply Chain Manifesto

People in supply chain discussing, analyzing results.

1. The rise of the users has occurred.

Front-line workers are the superheroes of the CPG supply chain. They make smart decisions based on their daily experience, without the need for complicated business cases or executive-level input. We empower users to act and achieve impactful results, while avoiding company-wide naval gazing. Their superpowers lie in their ability to carry our industry forward from informed and sensible choices.

2. Businesses need instant insights and answers.

Users want answers. TraceGains harnesses the power of automation, accuracy, and AI to eliminate slow, frustrating steps in routine processes. Our community of users solve problems and accomplish goals because what they need is in one place.

3. F&B companies must innovate or perish.

We seek out disruption and have low tolerance for outdated approaches, because rapid adaptation is key to survival. If you cling to antiquated methods, we wish you luck, but your outcome is inevitable. The slowest water buffalos don’t receive trophies from Darwin, and neither will you. We support constant innovation, not extinction.

4. Brands must be able to support their claims.

Strong brands substantiate front-label claims and consumers deserve nothing less. Suppliers who avoid transparency are becoming obsolete. TraceGains stands with forward-thinking companies that embrace practical responsibilities up and down their supply chain.

5. Fraud is putting the safety of our industry at risk.

Nefarious actors jeopardize our industry. In the TraceGains community, fraudsters have no room to maneuver, because we’re united in protecting our industry and consumers through enhanced global ingredient data, proactive alerting, and the collective strength in numbers. Deceitful suppliers, we’re coming for you.

6. Digitalization is essential for survival.

Digital is essential, empowering, and no longer overwhelming. It’s yields fast insights and answers, even at massive scale. Millions of global ingredient data and documents are securely shared across TraceGains Gather™ at lightning speed.  The world’s only networked ingredients marketplace prevents the brain damage caused by spreadsheets and paper. Simple, easy, effective beyond your wildest imagination.

7. Cooperation is the future of supply chain.

The best business ecosystems welcome third-party providers that benefit the community. So, we partner with providers who improve information, data, and services exchanges. We’re making waves by collaborating and working together.

8. We’re stronger together.

Collective action is mighty and a gamechanger. You know it, so there’s nothing else to say on this.

9. It’s time to change for the better.

People and companies seek positive change. From work-life balance to safety, health, cost reductions, or profitability, the possibilities are endless. We’ve got a path that’s simple and free. Yes free, because change is hard yet important, so we’ve removed a big obstacle to get you started.

10. Ecosystems simplify and automate to create agility.

Large-scale business ecosystems that simplify and automate are the future. Custom-configured legacy solutions aren’t aging gracefully. If you want to differentiate and disrupt markets, stop wasting time creating complicated processes that hold you back while your competition run circles around you.

11. Ingredients drive the supply chain.

Relevant data, documents, compliance, and specifications arise from ingredient information. It’s the center of our universe. Our standardized ingredient data allows you to harness the power of extensive, hyper-detailed data, including sourcing and intelligence. If you’re still relying on Google for ingredients, have we got a solution for you.

12. ESG addresses the real problems of today and tomorrow.

ESG perspectives are crucial to sustainability. It’s controversial, but we see the potential behind this movement. Attention to ESG, safety, and compliance leads to innovation and profitability. We’re ready to debate the anti-ESGers, anywhere they choose, on their flat Earth.

13. We’ll do our part, so you can do yours.

Whether you’re an upstart brand or an industry maverick you need a business ecosystem to level the playing field. We’ll facilitate your success but ask for your constructive feedback that improves the ecosystem. Focus on running your business and we’ve got the rest.

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