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Imagine networking people and ingredient data together
in new ways to achieve business agility.

Overcome today’s supply chain challenges.

Get Network Power

What happens when…

Ingredient Agility puts the supply chain at your fingertips.
Operational Agility creates frictionless information exchange between trusted partners.
Market Agility uncovers new partnerships and hidden revenue opportunities.

Together, we're conquering supply chain disruptions.

Become a Conqueror

Ingredient Agility is Brand Agility

Mastering ingredient data is key to evolving your supply chain.

Information at the ready, before you knew you needed it.

Search Global Networked Ingredients


You deserve a solution that presents the data you need, precisely when and where you need it.

Frantic searches and repetitive tasks get replaced by productivity solutions that save you time and money.

Networked Ingredients revolutionize supply chain agility, making you a supply chain superhero.

R&D + Product Development

Reformulate and innovate faster.


Gain control over sourcing trusted suppliers.


Streamline and automate collaborative processes.

Quality & Safety

Manage risks, ESG and operational efficiencies.


You’re now digitized!


Stay compliant with ease.

  • Supply Chain Collaboration

    “There's a lot of benefit in the data plugged into TraceGains, that's visible across the supply chain. The system creates collaboration because everyone is connected. There's buy-in because all departments and stakeholders have a voice in decisions.”

    -Andi Gillett, KanPak Purchasing Manager

  • Increase Productivity

    “With TraceGains, all teams have visibility into our new product development projects so they can work simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual version control or change management. It saves us a lot of time.”

    -Joe Pilewski, VP R&D, ANS

  • Source New Ingredients

    “From day one, we had access to 75% of our suppliers and their documents. Our R&D team can easily search for new suppliers and ingredients. TraceGains also helped us source hard-to-find ingredients. It saves R&D half the time.”

    -David Phuong, Dir. Quality, Snak-King Corp.

  • Grow Your Supplier Network

    “I am loving connecting to suppliers! It's like I just joined Facebook and am connecting to friends. We've only been live for two days and I'm up to 51 friends!”

    -Celia Workman, Director of Quality Assurance. Smart & Final

  • Agile Document Management

    “You can send your customers or your suppliers any document they need with three clicks. And with PostOnce™, you can just post documents to your site and everybody gets it. The convenience is mind-boggling.”

    -Malik Fultz, Regulatory Affairs, Bimbo OSR

The CPG Industry Operates on TraceGains

Join the leaders that master supply chain disruptions with networked solutions.

TraceGains Is Different

We're in it to let supply chain superheroes do their jobs better with better tools. Advanced networking technologies and intelligence allows all of us to achieve more.

We're stronger together, and together we can eliminate the recurring problems that have brought an industry to its knees. Together, let's create a new normal for the future of the CPG Supply Chain.

The Networked Ingredients Marketplace Is Growing Globally
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Items & Ingredients
Supplier Documents

The Power of Networked

TraceGains Gather™ is revolutionizing supply chain agility.

See How

The New Normal Is Coming

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