Let’s Talk Supply Chain with Gary Nowacki

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TraceGains Founder/CEO Gary Nowacki recently joined Sarah Barnes-Humphrey for a live session of Thoughts and Coffee. During “the best 30 minutes on a Tuesday,” these two explore the latest in supply chain news, from data saturation to ongoing shortages to contract to manufacture. If you missed it on LinkedIn, you can watch the full episode from Let’s Talk Supply Chain here.

The Changing World: Co-manufacturing, Holiday Shortages, and Data Overload

Originally aired October 25, 2022.

Watch and listen

As these two supply chain professionals explore:

  • The past, present, and future through the poll of the week.
  • The latest struggles plaguing the CPG industry.
  • How to maximize available data.
  • Pitfalls related to ingredient sourcing/shortages.
  • The increased use of co-manufacturers and how these relationships influence innovation.
  • How TraceGains Gather™ is helping food and beverage companies.

More than thoughts and coffee

Stay tuned for more collaboration with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey and Let’s Talk Supply Chain in 2023!