TraceGains and iFoodDS Announce Strategic Alliance That Aims to Ease FSMA 204 Adoption

by | June 5, 2024

Leveraging iFoodDS’ Trace Exchange traceability platform and TraceGains’ network technology and patented data and document sharing across its supplier network, the alliance introduces a solution for complying with FSMA 204 regulations. As the effective date for of FDA’s Food Traceability Rule, FSMA 204(d) draws nearer, this collaboration aims to accelerate supply chain adoption.

A partnership in the name of food & beverage compliance

TraceGains has built a network including over 80,000 supplier locations and 550,000 items in 161 countries. Enterprise food processor, retailer, food service and broker/distribution organizations typically discover 80% of their supply chains already using the network, TraceGains said. iFoodDS Trace Exchange leverages the IBM Food Trust platform to support enterprises and their supplier networks. Building on industry standards, the companies are working together to make FSMA 204 compliance, and the supply chain connectivity it enables, an easy and seamless extension of existing supplier network management.

Working with organizations across the supply chain and the expertise of thought leaders such as Andy Kennedy, a renowned traceability expert and co-writer of the FDA Food Traceability rule, iFoodDS has designed a traceability platform that not only eases the FSMA 204 compliance burden but also integrates with existing systems, adopts industry standards such as GS1 and innovates in techniques to lower the labor burden of tracking products shipped. This alliance with TraceGains is intended to connect supplier compliance workflows with traceability for even more seamless supplier network management and alignment.

A word from the founders

“In advance of our broader market announcement, industry excitement is very high,” said Gary Nowacki, CEO and founder of TraceGains. “Our alliance offers a unique alternative to legacy solutions, is more cost effective, and it reduces complexity by automatically mapping iFoodDS lot-level data onto the world’s largest supplier network.”

“At iFoodDS, our team excels in partnering with large-scale enterprises and their network of suppliers and customers,” said Scott Mathews, CEO of iFoodDS. “As the only traceability platform with a proven and scalable solution, iFoodDS can make FSMA 204 compliance easy. Our collaboration with TraceGains is a testament to our commitment to easing the path to regulatory compliance.”

See more related news, along with this story as it originally appeared, in Quality Assurance & Food Safety Magazine.

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