What Can Cloud and AI do for Food Innovation?

CEO of Journey Foods, Riana Lynn, discusses the transformative power of cloud computing and AI in shaping the landscape of food innovation.

Embark on an inventive journey at the intersection of technology, venture capital, and food innovation with Riana Lynn, a biologist-turned-entrepreneur, in this C to C episode hosted by Gary Nowacki. The conversation discusses Riana’s unique perspective while navigating the challenges and excitement of an industry where venture capital increasingly addresses global issues.

Gain perspicuity into how Journey Foods, under Riana’s leadership, is revolutionizing the food industry through cutting-edge product management and data services, all in pursuit of the mission to feed 8 billion people better. As Riana shares her vision for the future, you’ll hear how the convergence of technology and capital makes solving complex problems easier and more enjoyable each passing year. Whether you’re an industry professional or an innovation enthusiast, subscribe to C to C for a thought-provoking exploration into the heart of food innovation, sustainability, and the dynamic landscape where technology shapes the future.


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