Consumers Want a Meat-Like Experience

Discover how Paul Shapiro’s brand, The Better Meat Co., is planting the future for proteins.

In this episode, join Gary Nowacki for an exclusive conversation with Paul Shapiro, the visionary CEO and Co-founder of The Better Meat Co. and bestselling author of “Clean Meat.” With a strong urgency focus on solving pressing issues related to climate change and animal welfare, Shapiro shares insights into the company’s rapid scaling and mission to bring plant-based proteins to the forefront of the food industry.

Over the years, The Better Meat Co. has undergone significant transformations in its plant protein formulations, and in this conversation, Shapiro unravels the intricacies of these pivotal changes. As a B2B company, The Better Meat Co. is at the forefront of producing next-generation plant-based proteins tailored for food service providers and meat processors, revolutionizing how we approach meat consumption.

Explore the intersection of technology, sustainability, and taste in the plant-based protein landscape. Gain perspective into how The Better Meat Co.’s innovative plant-based proteins seamlessly blend into ground meat products, elevating taste, improving health, and contributing to a more sustainable food system—all while remaining cost-competitive.

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