Different Approaches To Plant Based Meat

Co-Founder at The Better Meat Co., Adam Yee, explores plant-based meat.

Stream this episode of C to C for a substantive conversation with former Food Scientist and Co-founder of The Better Meat Co., Adam Yee, as they explore various approaches to plant-based meat and discuss the future of this expanding market.

“Once you commercialize one product, you can find ways to commercialize any other product. You have to make it robust enough for it to be commercialized and easy enough for people to understand how to commercialize it.” – Adam Yee, former Food Scientist and Co-founder of The Better Meat Co.

Adam Yee, a distinguished Food Science Professional, shares insights drawn from his extensive experience and active participation in the industry, emphasizing the importance of making plant-based products both commercially robust and accessible for widespread adoption. Stream this episode to learn about plant-based meat’s intricate world and highlight the strategic considerations crucial for its commercial success.

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