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Driving Sustainability through Digital Transformation

A recent ESG industry survey conducted by TraceGains highlighted the disconnect between well-meaning brands and their ability to deliver sustainable products in the context of an increasingly complex global supply chain. Despite the challenges, most food and beverage brands expressed a strong desire to embrace environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) objectives, with many seeking the ability to stand behind claims to ensure that ingredients in their supply chains are properly sourced and labelled. In fact, 41% of companies surveyed feel they are currently falling short of achieving ESG standards.

Discover why digital transformation and sustainability go hand-in-hand

In order for brands to successfully implement and achieve their ESG goals, digital transformation plays a critial role. Discover why organisations need to embrace digital transformation to support sustainability goals and unlock critical insights and benefits. From scaling and digitising internal operations to making sustainable decisions for your supply chain, learn how digital transformation can revolutionise your approach to sustainability.

Accessing insights and data for sustainable supply chain decisions

Data is key for making informed decisions, especially when it comes to standing behind ESG claims. However data still exists in silos causing huge inefficiencies, added time, cost and energy as well as lack of transparency. The static, linear supply chain we once knew is know a thing of the past, the future is an interconnected global network, and a digital transformation programme provides the ability to collect the huge data required in the most sustainable way.

Watch on-demand how TraceGains is supporting the baking industry transform its appraoch to sustainability

In partnership with the Federation of Bakers (FOB) and Food and Drink Federation (FDF), TraceGains’ Dan McGlynn breaks down why digital transformation is driving sustainability efforts within the baking industry. Gain valuable insights into the power of data and insights when making sustainable supply chain decisions. Learn how to seamlessley access and share data across your supply chain to support ESG claims and meet your sustainability goals.

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In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The significance of digital transformation for sustainability objectives.
  • Scaling and digitising operations while enhancing environmental credentials.
  • Empowering smarter, sustainable decisions through data-driven insights.
  • Exploring the pivotal role of networks in driving sustainability through standardisation and automation.

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