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Engaging the Next Generation of FSQA Workers

Many industries are feeling the strain of labor shortages – but the food industry faces a more unique and pressing issue. Moreover, there is a significant shortage of young, qualified professionals, and the old guard is starting to retire in larger and larger numbers. 

The industry must excite and engage Millennials and Gen Z if they hope to continue ideating and manufacturing goods. The brands that bring in young talent to work behind the scenes will be better prepared to survive the labor challenges and capture the growing purchasing power of their peers. 

Evolving Food Safety Culture

To engage a younger workforce, companies must adapt their training and thinking. Studies show that Millennials and Gen Z are purpose-driven; they demand to be part of a greater mission. Ensuring the food we eat is safe and sustainable is a worthy mission. So by prioritizing their commitment to a food safety culture, processors can successfully attract, retain, and develop the next generation of FSQA talent.

Equally important is employee engagement, which is necessary to bring in new, skilled voices and keep them. Studies show that engagement opportunities improve employee wellness, reduce burnout, and encourage personal and professional development. And while employee engagement is at the highest reported rate since 2000, it’s still only 34 percent. It’s no wonder we’re seeing record-high turnover rates that many have dubbed “The Great Resignation.”

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear actionable insights on how companies can engage the next generation of FSQA leaders. Our expert guest speaker, Dr. Darin Detwiler, author, and professor at Northeastern University, will provide tips to tackle the actual burden of the disease, share critical legal and political influences on FSQA careers, and explain how to embrace and leverage the power of social media on the public’s perception of food safety. 

Watch & learn:

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to attract, inspire, and validate young professionals entering the food industry.
  • The real stories behind the scary statistics.
  • How your team can improve communication and collaboration to drive employee engagement and food safety.

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