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Five Steps to Getting Proactive with Digitization and Supply Chain Data

There’s an ever-increasing amount of data surrounding the global food supply chain, with more data sources always joining the party. It’s easy to get stuck in reactive mode, sifting through piles of information and trying to figure out what’s beneficial when you’re already in crisis mode. This webinar conversation digs into developing a more purposeful, proactive approach to digital data and data-driven decision-making, covering five key steps that can help you stay ahead of a rapidly changing world of global food supply chain.

Digitization and supply chain data in five steps

Partnering together with Supply Chain Now, this candid conversation strategically navigates through five actionable steps to transform your supply chain data, down to the ingredient level. You’ll have a blast listening through as hosts Scott Luton and Greg White moderate the discussion with James Chu, Supply Quality Manager at John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc. and TraceGains’ Paul Bradley


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Watch & learn:

  • Strategically Navigating Data: By starting with the end in mind, you can unlock the true power of data and acquire the skill to extract meaningful insights.

  • Unveiling Stakeholders and Impact: Learn to identify key stakeholders and understand the ripple effect in complex interconnected networks.

  • AI’s Reality vs. Hype: Explore the potential of AI to distinguish reality from fantasy.

  • Elevating Data Quality: Transition your team from chaos to clarity by embracing standardization, normalization, and data quality for informed decision-making.

  • Close the Loop with Measurable Success: Pave the way for achievable goals and tangible outcomes to set the stage for success.

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