Fix the Top 10 Product Development Problems

Today, the speed that food, beverage, and supplements companies create and refine formulas can make or break a brand. Businesses that want to compete need to get products to market faster, overcoming the top product development problems along the way.

What makes innovation so hard?

Food, beverage, and dietary supplement manufacturers now produce more complex and diverse products while working with longer, more globally dispersed supply chains. Supply chain quality assurance, ingredient identification, specification creation, and R&D acceleration demand seamless collaboration across departments and external collaborators such as suppliers and co-manufacturers.

Reimagine innovation agility

We’ve outlined the top ten product development challenges and how manufacturers can circumvent them. Download our data sheet to find out how your company can accelerate innovation.

The CPG industry’s only Networked Ingredients Marketplace

TraceGains suite of software solutions eradicates internal and external silos, replacing them with a single digital platform that unites teams, automates business processes, and standardizes supply chain and product documentation so stakeholders can work more efficiently.

Bringing teams together

With a single location for all supply chain information and documentation, teams can quickly work to bring new products to market:

  • R&D crews can quickly source and qualify suppliers and ingredients.
  • The regulatory department can address claims, label issues, or any other compliance requirements at the start of the process, eliminating downstream disruptions.
  • Quality departments can pre-approve ingredients and suppliers while staying on top of the process through approval.
  • Procurement can better negotiate price and shipping with suppliers and even recommend alternate suppliers as needed.
  • Finally, suppliers can guarantee compliant ingredients enter the supply chain with all the necessary documentation.

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