Food Farming in Manhattan? It’s Already Happening.

Culinary frontier Rob Laing unveils the reality of food farming with Farm.One’s vertical farming.

In this thought-provoding episode of C to C, dive into the groundbreaking concept pioneered by Farm.One, challenging the notion of food farming in the heart of Manhattan. CEO Rob Laing unravels the seemingly impossible idea that’s already a reality, shedding light on the evolving culinary landscape in New York.

“Walk around a food court in Manhattan now, and you’ll see the shift from 15 years ago. It’s not just Mexican and Thai; it’s Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, a specific region of China, and even Peruvian. People are embracing global flavors and seeking freshness on their plates,” shares Rob Laing, the visionary CEO of Farm.One.

Rob’s journey from founding translation tech start-up Gengo.com in Tokyo to spearheading Farm.One reflects his passion for transformative food experiences. Farm.One, established in 2016, redefines agriculture with vertical farming technology, growing rare and unusual produce for top chefs year-round. Join as Rob Laing unravels the narrative of food farming in Manhattan, highlighting the success of Farm.One’s journey.


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