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Food Safety Hazards: Managing Supply Chain Risks

Supply chain risks have become a critical factor in ensuring food safety and quality. Addressing these risks requires effective communication, managing supplier approvals during geopolitical conflicts and product shortages, and preparing for the implementation of the Food Traceability Final Rule under FSMA. This webinar, presented by Food Safety Tech and split into four sessions, focuses on exploring strategies to mitigate supply chain risks, from pre-approval to existing supplier management. By watching, you’ll additionally explore the importance of collaboration and improved protocols to enhance compliance in the face of upcoming regulatory changes.

The impact of digitalization on food safety

In the second session lead by TraceGains, explore the intersection of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of material lot compliance. Sara Jane Bellochi delves into the potential of leveraging these technologies to streamline and enhance compliance processes, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and quality standards. Additionally, the session touches on the application of automation and AI in addressing Corrective and Preventive Actions (CARs or CAPAs), offering insights into how these advancements can optimize efficiency and effectiveness in managing non-conformances, and driving continuous improvement.

Watch & learn

The sections of this informative webinar include:

  • Pre-approval and Onboarding of New Suppliers
  • The Impact of Digitalization of Food Safety
  • Tips to Improve Supplier Management Maintenance
  • Advancing Traceability through Innovation and Collaboration

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