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How to Effectively Engage Suppliers to Meet Your ESG Goals
Acquiring visibility into the supply chain is a difficult task, and bringing about changes in behavior necessitates dedication, resources, and robust connections. In this upcoming webinar, TraceGains joins the team at Sedex to explore techniques for involving suppliers in the process of mapping and fortifying your supply chain, aiding you in reaching your objectives and fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Using data to support your ESG strategy

Join this on-demand webinar and hear from TraceGains’ Paul Bradley as he discusses how the idea of a linear, static network between suppliers who always supply and buyers who only buy is no longer realistic. We live in an interconnected world, and recent years have shown us how deeply those connections run, sometimes in ways that have surprised us. Change has taken place across industries and supply chains as they have been forced to adapt. The opportunity in front of us now is to use that adaptability, use that resilience, and pivot towards changing intentionally. Changing for the better.

Watch & learn:

  • Gain knowledge to support your suppliers with business-boosting resources and opportunities to meet everyone’s needs
  • Learn how to streamline your approach to make data gathering and relationship building cleaner and more efficient
  • Understand how to use legislation as a prompt for positive change
  • Explore technologies and services to reduce duplication and lighten the load

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