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Suzie Yorke of Love Good Fats challenges decades of messaging with nutrious good fats.

Upon being informed that creating a product without using sugar as a bonding agent was seemingly impossible, this guest embarked on a remarkable journey to prove otherwise with the shift to good fats. For the past four decades, the market has been saturated with messages advocating “low fat” as the sole solution, overshadowing the potential of good fats. Driven by a mission to shift this narrative, Suzie dedicated three years to thorough research, developing a delectable line of nutritious snacks that incorporate beneficial fats.

In this episode, Suzie Yorke from Love Good Fats shares her story, showcasing how unwavering determination and values rooted in purpose can lead to creating a product that challenges decades of ingrained messaging. Love Good Fats now offers a range of convenient foods that boast precisely the right kinds of fats, providing a healthier and more wholesome option for consumers.


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