Innovating with Co-Mans

Learn how co-mans and a rebrand accelerated Poppi with co-founder Allison Ellsworth

In this episode of C to C, we follow Allison Ellsworth’s journey from a personal health pursuit to the creation of a popular household (and TikTok) brand name – Poppi. After receiving recognition on Shark Tank, Allison and her co-founder took a step back to re-evaluate their packaging strategy and build partnerships with co-manufacturers to strengthen their prebiotic powerhouse soda brand.

Allison shares her story of how apple cider vinegar presented an opportunity in the beverage industry to offer a health-conscious and gut health-focused product. The conversation explores the crucial role of co-manufacturing in the growth of the business and the importance of building strong relationships with co-packers. By shifting their mindset to prioritize innovation and rebranding, Poppi was able to expand a small business and still deliver a quality product. This episode will inspire you to think outside the box and explore new avenues to create a successful brand.


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