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Keeping Pace with the Evolving Regulatory Landscape in the Food and Beverage Industry

Navigating the intricate and dynamic global regulatory environment is crucial for success in the food, beverage, and supplement sectors. This webinar dives into the importance of strategic planning and adaptation in the face of regulatory change.

Hear from SGS Digicomply, one of the industry’s leading digital compliance and regulatory networks and TraceGains very own Regulatory Standards Manager, Kari, as they share insights on interpreting regulatory trends and establishing robust frameworks to safeguard your business against future challenges.

In this webinar:

  • Understand the current regulatory challenges and trends from a global and European perspective, including the focus on sustainability and food safety.

  • Learn how to develop and implement a strategic regulatory change management programme within your organisation.

  • Gain insights into effective methods for monitoring and responding to new regulations and legislative updates in the food and beverage sector.

  • Discover the role of technology and innovation in ensuring compliance and enhancing product traceability.

Sustainability regulations in Europe driving changes

The UK & Europe facing significant shifts in food safety and legislation, including increased scrutiny on sustainability, traceability, and health claims, brands must stay ahead to ensure compliance and market success.

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